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Frequently Asked Questions On
Weddings & Events

Who will be our point person on the day of our wedding?

The Kettle Moraine Ranch's General Manager is who you work with.


Is my wedding date available and what is the rental fee?

Contact us at (262)-594-2122 or send us an email for more information.


How many guests/people can your venue accommodate?

Wedding Ceremonies-

10 -to- 500 guests depending on which space is requested.

Wedding Receptions Or Event Seating-

The Buckhorn Barn can seat up to 450 guests and hold up to 1,000 people.

The Jackass Saloon can seat up to 65 guests and hold up to 120 people.


The amount of guests/people all depends on what type of event will be taking place. Our venue as a whole can hold up to 3,000 people.

Are there any cleaning/damage fees, or overtime charges?

The Kettle Moraine Ranch reserves the right to charge a damage/cleaning fee if necessary.

The Kettle Moraine Ranch closes at Midnight for all weddings or events. 

All music must shut off at midnight, and the bar will no longer serve alcohol.


What kind of deposit is required?

$500.00 is due at the time of signing the contract.

After the first deposit is paid, clients will receive a deposit schedule.

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, checks, cashier checks, or money orders. 


What is the cancellation policy and are we able to get refunds?

  1. If a confirmed and scheduled event is canceled when a contract has been signed, refunds given back to the client(s) will vary depending upon when the client(s) canceled their event. 


When is the final payment due?

Clients final payment is due 40 days before the event date.


Are we allowed to make changes on our contract, and when is the last possible date we can make changes to our contract?

Changes on clients contract are allowed to be made up to 40 days before the event date.

After that 40 day mark clients are only allowed to add rentals if needed to their contract. 


What is the back-up plan for rain or inclement weather if using outdoor space?

We can always move outdoor ceremonies into the front half of the Buck Horn Saloon Barn.

The general manager will work with you the day before your wedding to determine if an outdoor or indoor space will be set for the wedding.


How many weddings will be booked on my special day?

There could be a small chance a smaller sized wedding could take place in one of our smaller venues. The General Manger works with clients to try to find the best dates to accommodate everyone. We strive to make your special day the BEST it can be. 

Please note that the Kettle Moraine Ranch will still be open for business with horseback riding, small outings, & camping.

There will be no interference with clients wedding. 


Is there an in-house caterer or do you allow outside caterers?

We do work with 1 preferred catering company, however clients are allowed to bring in any catering company of their choosing as long as catering company is insured.

The Kettle Moraine Ranch will need proof of insurance from clients catering choice 30 days before the event takes place.

All catering companies must follow all of the Kettle Moraine Ranch policies.

There is a $2.00 catering/service fee per person.

Who are your preferred Catering Companies?








Do you serve alcohol?


We serve- Soda, Water, Juice (for kids), beer, seltzers, wine, and mixed drinks at our bar.


Do you allow us to bring in our own alcohol?



Who provides the bartenders?

The Kettle Moraine Ranch has their own bar staff.

No outside bartenders are allowed.


Are plates, silverware, and glassware provided for dinner/snacks/cake?

Catering companies or clients are responsible for bringing all these items.

The Kettle Moraine Ranch does not provide any items for this. 


Can I bring in a cake/cupcakes/dessert from a bakery?


Please note we do not provide cake-cutting, but some approved caterers can offer this service at a fee.

We do not provide plates, forks, napkins, or serving utensils. These items must be provided by the client, bakery, or catering company.

Do you provide linens/table cloths?

We no longer provide any sort of linens.

It would cost our clients more money if you rented linens from the ranch, this is due to us having to rent the linens from a vendor. It will be more affordable for our clients to find linens elsewhere.


Can we have a DJ or band?


DJ's and bands must provide all their own sound equipment, lighting, extension cords, etc.

If the DJ needs a table, we will be able to set one up for them.

We have multiple outlets in the entire building to accommodate DJ and band equipment.

It is the responsibility of the DJ or band to contact the Kettle Moraine Ranch general manager with any questions about set up and electricity.

Is there WIFI available for guests or a DJ to use?

No. We do not have WIFI available for use. 

Do you provide us with extension cords, music equipment, or speakers when having a wedding ceremony?

No. This is something the DJ/Music Person must bring for your event.


Who is responsible for setting up and tearing down décor, and when?

The Kettle Moraine Ranch staff sets up all tables and chairs.

All décor and linens are set by clients or vendors.

Clients are allowed to come the day before their event to set up and decorate. Clients may arrive any time after 1:00PM. 

All décor must be taken down and picked up the following day no later then 10:00AM.

All food areas must be cleaned, with food thrown out or put away day of event no later then 11:30PM.


How early can vendors arrive to set up?

Vendors are allowed to come the day before the event any time after 1:00PM and 9:00AM day of the event.


Are there decoration limitations and do you allow candles?

Décor may not be affixed to the walls, ceilings, or doors unless approved by the Kettle Moraine Ranch general manager.

Nails, hooks, tacks, screws, and bolts may not be used on any surface.

Confetti, rice, fake flower petals, wheat or similar materials are not allowed.

Use of candles is restricted to enclosed flames at least one inch from the top of the container or floating in water.

We highly recommend using batterie operating candles. 

Who is responsible for clean up?

Catering companies are responsible for all food areas to be clean. Garbage must be put in dumpsters.

Clients are responsible for cleaning up any food left behind, and any areas where clients were getting ready.

Clean up is done by the Kettle Moraine Ranch.

At what time will my guests and vendors have to leave the facility?

Events end at Midnight.

As long as people are being respectful and not causing trouble/problems we do not mind if people hang around while we are cleaning up.


Is there a shuttle service available?

Unfortunately we do not have a shuttle service.

What overnight accommodations do you provide?

We offer camping for you and your guests.

We allow tent camping and RV camping.

Are there adequate bathroom facilities?

There are men’s and women’s restrooms. There is also a handicap stall available.


Is there a coat check?

No we do not offer this service.

Is there enough parking and will guests be charged for parking?

There is plenty of space for parking. Parking is at no charge. The Kettle Moraine Ranch does provide parking staff. Note there is no valet parking.

Is there an ATM on the grounds?

Yes, we do have an ATM for you and your guests to use. 




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